Hey, I build websites.

Looking for an experienced developer?

Not interested in those cookie cutter sites?


Who Am I?

I'm Sherwin Elcock. I've been doing web development for 5 years, You can check my personal website for more about me.

Move the LOVE to see me.

Why Me?

My primary focus is YOU. If you're looking for a custom web design that's not your typical cookie cutter "big box" site, I'm the guy. Your one-stop shop for your website needs including web design, web development, content writing. I provide beautiful, professional, and creative designs without the hassle and cost of hiring a web design firm.

What's in it for you?

  • Incredible customer service, website management, and maintenance.
  • A beautiful custom website, delivered quickly.
  • Responsive design - it's going to look good on any device any orientation.
  • Did I mention, the incredible customer service, website management, and maintenance?


This could be a whole bunch of technical mumbo jumbo... But...

It breaks down like this


The User Interface, what people are going to see.

How they are going to interact with the site.


Pick the best tools/frameworks to build your site.

Write the code from scratch.

Test and debug.

I'll provide you with a link so you can check as well.

Once we're all happy and excited to deploy.

We'll test and debug some more.


How we go about making your site accessible to others.

Setting up the website URL... www.youtube.com.


How we're gonna get it done.


We'll meet/talk about the scope of the site (what are you looking to do?), as well as your branding and what aesthetic you want to portray... Any animations, graphics, user interaction you may want to incorporate.


I'll start doing my nerd stuff and get back to you.

I'll provide you with a link so you can check as well.

You'll get to review and make any adjustments.


I'll deploy the website for you. This we'll discuss the best avenue for your project.

There are many different ways we can go about it.

We have to take into account if the site requires a database... If you'd like me to continue with site maintenance and manage the hosting...

I never claimed to be an artist...

Hand drawn development process


Personal Site

Cleaning Company

Tutorial Site

“Good code is its own best documentation.”

- Steve McConnell

How Much

I'll quote you a single project price, half will be due up front and the other half upon completion.

Just like your business, every project is different. So I don't have a set range or price list, but if you reach out with a description of your site what you want done and I'll get back to you with a personalized quote.

But if having an idea upfront is a must, we can average out the cost of previous projects that were anywhere from 5-10 pages and it comes out to around $1,500.

Sites with more pages usually require a back-end database which then ups the price more.

Again, each project is different.

Just click that 👇.